Thursday March 26th, 2009 1306 days since Katrina.

Today was an great day. I was able to help make some food and create care packages. We then took the food to the community. We drove around for numerous hours passing food out. Apparently The Carpenters House and a few others get together on Thursdays to hand out food to the needy.

I took pictures of the inside of The Carpenters House. They help out the community so much. Anyone is allowed to come in and take 5 items at no cost. People are encourage to drop off anything they do not need.

The KFC had been closed and boarded up since Katrina.

3/26/9 1306n Days since Katrina. Started raining around 3:45 AM, obviously I didn’t sleep well.

Made it to Carpenters at 6:21 AM. Must admit the low clouds and lightning strikes were very beautiful to watch. Car got a little stuffy.

8:36 AM still raining, listen to Charles life story, very colorful and LONG lol but very uplifting. (Charles is head of Carpenters)

We cleaned, inventory and organized the tools and stopped to feed people around 11:30 AM. I help drive around the 9th Ward giving food out.

After help cleaning up from lunch I went to go have lunch. Came back and hung out at Carpenters. Around 3:30 PM left for YMCA to clean up.

I am at the library right now catching up on Twitter, uploading the pics taken.