Monday March 23, 2009 1302 days since Katrina.

Drove to Axxes-IT and met with Mike, owner, and after he learned of my dilemma offered his services free to fix the laptop. Unfortunately there was nothing to help the dead laptop.

Realizing this, I was upset for doing this; I drove to the nearest Wal-mart, applied for a Wal-Mart credit card and purchased a laptop with the credit card and road trip money.

Took it to MOJO’s Café to unpack the laptop, while there I found NOLA.com and VOAGNO.ORG So I took a road trip to HQ of Volunteers of America New Orleans (VOAGNO) to see where can I go to volunteer at. Well VOAGNO HQ is just that…HQ and had nothing to do with volunteering. I had to get a hold of Woody Hosler. Well the two numbers I had, no one answered, so I took a road trip to his office.

Couldn’t find his office and decided to have lunch at Live Bait, food was ehh and pricy. After a little over an hour I left to get lost in that neighborhood. Around 4:30 PM received a call stating he had nothing for me today and gave me the name of a Laura Paul who deals with The Green Project.

I called both of her numbers, one was miss call, the other the office and left word. The day seemed like a bit of a waist and was kind of bummed about not finding anything to do as far as volunteering.

On a good note, went back to Smitty’s for dinner. Talked to a guy name Eric who owns a pallet business. Talked for hours about New Orleans, sports, business, oysters were awesome and mmmmmmm crawfish heavin…2 pounds that night lol. Spent the night at the Information Center Parking Lot.

Well lastnight was a little hard on me. I was able to update twitter at the time of my last posts. I went to this cool little cafe MOJO.

At MOJO’s, is when my laptop died. So I had lost all my pictures cause I had cleaned the SD cards to make more room for pictures.

At Mojo’s I met this lawyer who went to Wash Un in St. Louis. He told me to go see Axxes-IT to get the computer fixed.

Mike at Axxes-IT had offered his services free after knowing my delema. Unfortunatly the laptop is dead, hard drive still might be saved.

So I came to the conclusion, it is still a beautiful day and pleanty of good still to come. I went to Walmart and met Betty.

I applied for a Wal-Mart Credit card; surprisingly they gave me one lol. So I bought this HP thing, partial Wal-Mart credit and my travel $

So I am back at MOJO’s havin coffee updating Twitter with no pictures. I had taken about 200 pics, I must say very enlighten moments.

I wont be updating iReport.com untill I get more pictures. I am going back down to the 9th Ward today and also the East side.

After talking with a lot of locals, the East side was hit just as bad as the lower 9th Ward but getting no coverage at all about how bad.

As far as volunteering, I have a few churchs I am going to contact today. I’ll keep ya posted on that as well.

I must admit the Brad Pitt home’s looked pretty nice.

As of right now. Katrina hit 1302 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes ago. MOJO’s coffee was good and time to go 10:33 AM 3/23/09

www.voagno.org/ gave me info to contact Woody Hosler…waiting for his call back, can’t find the address given & # didn’t work so I emailed.

Seem like today was a bit of a loss. Between buying & updating the comp, finally getting in touch with Woody to now talk with a Laura. hmm

I got a hold of The Green Project, will be talking with Laura tomorrow about helping out tomorrow. Ok time for a drink lol.

Going to Smitty’s for dinner.