First Day of my travels. I left from St. Peters, Missouri and went North on Hwy 79. At the end of the day I made it to Clarksville, Missouri. What I did was work for a few hours then stop and took pictures. I always did work first then took pictures afterwords.

On my northerly path, I had stopped near Winfield. A farmer’s son and I went on four wheelers on top of the levy where you see the Military Vehicles to pull generator lights. They were in a panic for the fear of the levy giving way.

After I was done pulling the lights with the four wheelers at the Pine Oak Farm, I drove up to Winfield High School where everyone was doing all the sand bagging. I helped sandbag then got the camera out to photograph the help, went back down to the Pine Oak Farm to photograph the levy and Arm and Air-force Reserves, then started my track to Clarksville, MO.

Hwy 79 was closed from Winfield to Clarksville, MO. Had to get on Hwy 61 which made me miss Elsberry, MO on Hwy 79. On my way up I did get to Foley, but it was too late and was already underwater. That is where Hwy 79 was closed and had to back track a little.

When I got to Clarksville, MO, I jumped on this Military Vehicle and helped fill it with sandbags and took the drive to the southern part of town to sandbag an antique store. While on the way, we passed another Military Vehicle that got stuck because of the rising water made that part of the make shift road too soft/muddy. I was on the vehicle for 5 trips back and forth filling it with sandbags.

The photographer you see on top of the sandbags, he only did one trip. He did not help since he was a “Reporter”. He also fell in the water trying to photograph us unloading the truck. He had two cameras, ruined. One of the Army guys told me he was a bit of a jackass and did not help one bit in doing any work. “He is a Reporter”.

Well I ended up working through the night with the Army Reserves. I took a group picture of them on 6/20 morning.